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Thursday Update…On Friday!

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Greetings! What a week this has been. Pouring rain, snow, and wild winds… I hope you have all managed to stay dry and warm. This would be a good time of year to check up on any Seniors in your neighborhood, to make sure they are well provided for. This coming Sunday, is the last Sunday of the month… Loose… Read more »

This Week’s Sermon: Act

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This month’s sermon series has been on CHANGE: Acknowledge, Be Honest, and Act.  This Sunday we will be discussing Act: “Action! Lights! Camera!” Come find out about taking action for change.

Continuing with the Theme of New Year New Hope!

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This coming Sunday marks the second week in this exciting series on change. We will be looking at honesty and how you need to incorporate it into your new life. Join us this coming Sunday 10:45 AM!

Tuesday Notes

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I am writing this on the last day of March. Tomorrow, Tuesday, a new month begins, and with it a new sermon series. The theme for April is ‘A month of miracles’ You are invited to come join our journey towards Easter. Everyone I talk to cannot wait a moment longer for better weather. This past winter has been both… Read more »

New Beginnings

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New beginnings. This past week Pastor Sylvia’s message was about New Beginnings. This is an excellent article called ‘Paul and the New Creation’ by Judith A Stevens. It discusses what it means when we become Christians.  

The Way to Change the World…

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.. one person at a time. One small act of love towards others will change your life and theirs in big ways. One small baby changed the world. Join us this Christmas season as we celebrate!