Families & Children

Milford Church is a friendly, supportive community for families.

Children of all ages are welcome at our services. We have a “Little Ones” basket at the back of the sanctuary containing a quilt, snacks, toys, and books for any parents bringing small children (1-3 years age range) to church who might appreciate a little help.

Children’s programs include:

Our Place

Our Place is a Sunday morning program for children in Pre-K through 6th grade. It meets during the 10:45 service and includes fun and educational activities conducted under adult supervision.

Friday Club

Friday Club is a weekly after school program for Grades 1-6, with students from from grades 7-12 as Junior Leaders. On Fridays when school is in session, children are walked down from Milford Central Schools to the church, and then picked up by their parents at 5pm.

Each meeting includes a snack, activities, crafts, and a movie.

Contact Pastor Sylvia at 607-434-7188 for more details or to register your child.