Pastor Sylvia’s Weekly Update for October 1st.

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Greetings! October has begun, and already I have been searching in my closet for warmer clothes.

Whenever I read Scripture, I am reminded of just how little people had in the way of possessions back in the first century. We, in marked contrast, are fast becoming suffocated by piles and piles of ‘stuff.’ Boxes, files, piles and miles and miles of ‘stuff.’

Jesus made a point of reminding us that possessions can often be a hindrance, if they become our top priority. There is his wonderful analogy of a camel trying to get through the eye of a needle, which is apparently just as possible as a person devoted to possessions, getting into the Kingdom of Heaven.

This month, my preaching series is called ‘We, the people.’ I will be investigating healthy and unhealthy priorities. The conclusion?

Our relationships are way more important than anything we might own.

So when you reach for that sweater this week, take the opportunity to go through the whole drawer of sweaters, and find at least one to give away… there is the St. Pauly’s shed at the back of the Community Center here in Milford, or the local SPCA.                                          Sharing what we have is one way we can show God that we can, and do, love our neighbors as ourselves. And who knows, that camel might start shrinking down sufficiently to get it through the eye of the needle! Plus we will have the satisfaction of knowing the someone else will have the opportunity to stay warm this winter, apart from ourselves.


Pastor Sylvia