Weekly Update – June 1st

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Sunny greetings to all Milford family members and supporters:

This week there are two attachments to this update.
The first, a copy of the Congregational Survey, completed by all attendees at last Sunday’s worship service. If you have already completed this, then thank you very much! If you have not, please take the time to print of a copy, complete it, and return to Pastor Sylvia. OR you can scan you reply and send it to lolarathbone@icloud.com.

The second attachment is the very first ‘News from the Pews’ bi-monthly newsletter, with Editor Carolyn Meade at the helm. It is full of interesting information!

This coming Sunday, June 4th, we are going on a road trip to Cooperstown Presbyterian Church for a special Ecumenical Pentecost Service, which begins at 10am.


10am Sunday June 4th at the
Cooperstown Presbyterian Church.

25 Church St, Cooperstown, NY 13326

United Methodists, Presbyterians, and also Baptists are going to be in attendance. A full house!
Following the service there is to be a picnic, hosted by the Presbyterian congregation.

I do hope as many as possible of us can attend. We have been held up in prayer by so many congregations, including the ones attending. It is our turn to show our appreciation, and to support this wonderful initiative.

In other matters, the newly formed Community Board, for the West 1566 Community Center, had a meeting this past Wednesday. We expect to be fully incorporated open for business, as a not for profit organization by the beginning of September. Lots of paperwork lie ahead!
At present, the Board is comprises:

President: Pastor Sylvia
Vice-President: Ken Stone (Rotary)
Treasurer: Vickie Ellis (Community Bank)
Secretary: Eve Pierson
Dave Steen (Security/Food Pantry)
Mike Strong (Outside maintenance)
Skip Griffiths (American Legion)
Margaret Gray (American Legion Auxiliary)

If you have any questions, or would like to book an event, please contact Pastor Sylvia.

Looking forward to Sunday morning at the Presbyterian Church, worshiping together with all our sisters and brothers in Christ!

Pastor Sylvia

Congregational Survey
News from the Pews