Weekly Update June 20th

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Greetings to all Milford Church family, friends and supporters…

Arrangements for the purchase of Milford Manor Farm are moving forwards. We are hoping to take possession in September, and start worshiping there as soon as practicable. I was sitting on my front porch at the Parsonage last night, and thinking of how wonderful it will be to have our own space once again. We are very grateful for the use of the Cultural Center, but as Dorothy says in the ‘Wizard of Oz’… there’s no place like home!

The foundations of the original site are now being leveled, and made safe. Once the new Sanctuary is complete, we will revisit our thoughts and plans for this sacred space. I am really hoping to connect the original site with the new property by way of a path. Evidence of a previous pathway can be found just above the stone wall of the cemetery as it meets Highway 28, in front of the small stone building. Maybe, continuing on the ‘Wizard of Oz’ theme, we can have our very own yellow brick road, to connect and confirm the importance of both pieces of land to us.

The Building Committee (previously Task Force) members are meeting on Monday evening, 24th July, at 5pm, to view and comment on preliminary plans that have been drawn up, to show how the new building might look. Our sincere thanks to Mike Dennis and Diana Cesta, who have spent many hours working on ideas and schematics for the space.

Next week also, we have our monthly Community Board meeting, to discuss the final stages of becoming a not for profit Community Center. Our official title will be West 1566 Community Center.

On Wednesday evening, we are hosting a group of cyclists who are fundraising for the American Cancer Society, who will be our guests for supper. If you signed up to help, or to provide food, please remember to drop the food off at 5.30pm. The cyclists and their entourage will be arriving at 6 30pm. Help will be needed with serving and clean up also. If you would like to volunteer, please be sure to speak to me on Sunday morning, or contact me.

Plans are underway for an exciting Fall season. Our Junior Singers will be back rehearsing on Saturday mornings at 11am in September.
Our Friday Club youth group for Grades 1-6, will be back in operation at the beginning of October.
We are hoping to offer a Bible Study on the Gospel of John, plus a new Small Group, ‘Faith and Film’ (led by Terry and Becky Mattison) that will watch movies together, and then discuss them.

The Womens Ministry will be back in action also in September, meeting on the second Tuesday of each month.

Speaking of the ladies in our congregation… on Saturday 22nd July, we are meeting at the Origins Cafe, which is part of the Carefree Garden Center, at 12 noon for lunch. If you would like to join us, please feel free to do so. The food is excellent, and of course the company, absolutely fabulous!

Looking forward to seeing you all on Sunday morning. Let’s hope this sunshine lasts a while!

Pastor Sylvia