Weekly Update June 28th

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Greetings to all Milford family members, supporters and friends.

This has been a busy busy week, but what a wonderful week!

On Monday evening the Building Committee met, and heard a presentation from architect Michael Dennis, and his partner, Diana Cesta. We are actively investigating local architects, who will be invited to make presentations, before we make our decision.
We also are in the process of visiting local churches to get a real ‘feel’ for what we need to include in our new building. Please keep all the members of the Building Committee in your prayers, as we endeavor to find the architect we feel God is calling us to use.

On Tuesday evening the West 1566 Community Center Board met. We are in the closing stages of being awarded not for profit status. Plans for the rest of the year include a Grand Opening in the Fall, and a Christmas Dance, complete with DJ, in early December. This is just the beginning for our new Community Center!

On Wednesday evening, the West 1566 Community Center, hosted 85 cyclists who are raising funds for the American Cancer Society. It truly was a night to remember. The food was outstanding, and the volunteers who came together to set up, serve, and clean up, were AWESOME!!
The stories we heard from cancer survivors and family members of cancer survivors were inspirational. We met a great group of people, aged from 20-70 who through their efforts are making a difference in this world. We were presented with a plaque as a token of their appreciation, and that will be the first plaque to go up on the wall of our new Church office.

This coming Sunday, please bring with you A ONE DOLLAR BILL…. or four quarters. Or a dollar in loose change. All will be explained on Sunday morning….

Please travel safely over the next couple of days, as it is the Hall of Fame induction weekend. Watch out for large SUVs who may not necessarily observe the rules of the road!

Finally, an update on our original site. The foundations have now been removed totally, and replaced with soil. What remains is a sacred place that now looks at peace, awaiting our consideration for it’s future just as soon as our new church building is completed. Rest assured that this site will be a place to celebrate great times, give thanks, and to feel the presence of the cloud of witnesses that have gone on before.

I look forward to seeing you all on Sunday morning. Don’t forget that dollar bill!

Pastor Sylvia