Weekly Update – March 16

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Dear family and friends of Milford,

We met briefly with the Claims Adjuster for Church Mutual, our insurance company, on Wednesday morning, and as far as we know, the church building is to be declared a total loss. A structural engineer will probably be dispatched by Church Mutual to examine the building in more detail. In the meantime, no one is to attempt to enter the building. The floors and/or the roof could give way at any moment, and one brick wall is looking distinctly compromised.

Arrangements are well in hand now for our first Service in the Cultural Center (the old Presbyterian church) two doors down from our church. The Milford Historical Society have been most generous in their time and effort on our behalf, and we are blessed indeed to have a new building to call home for a while. Many many thanks to all their members.

The Service on Sunday will be at our usual time:10 45 am. Please encourage as many people as possible to attend. It promises to be a momentous occasion, with an intermingling of sorrow and joy. We have the musicians from last week in attendance; PRAISE will be singing a song; DS Everett Bassett is returning to speak words of comfort; and I will be preaching on ‘the Cross of Christ.’ Two other congregations and their ministers are planning on attending, to show their support: Cooperstown Presbyterian Church, and Schuyler Lake. They will be providing refreshments for after service.

The Board of Trustees will meet again next Monday evening, 20th March, to discuss the church inventory and other matters pertaining to moving forward. If there are any specific concerns you would like addressed, please contact either Bob Moore (286-7633) or myself, Pastor Sylvia (434-7188) and we would be most happy to bring them to the attention of the Trustees. Later in the week, the Ad Board will also be having an initial meeting, location, day and time TBA.

Communication is key at this time, and my hope is with these regular updates each member of the congregation feels confident as to our progress.

We will be taking up a separate collection for the Milford Fire Department, during our Sunday service. Our UMW has also decided to provide baked goods for the firefighters at their monthly meeting on Monday 20th. If you would like to contribute, please drop off your goodies at the Parsonage, either during the day on Sunday or Monday. Please leave them in the kitchen. I will try not to eat too many!

The Womens Ministry will be having their monthly meeting at the Elm Inn next Tuesday evening, 21st March, at 7pm. Please contact Joanne Osterhoudt if you have any questions.

Many thanks to all those who have stepped forward to help in our time of need. We have had a small army of volunteers working hard to keep us organized, provided for, and provisioned.

The groundswell of support from the community, the state, and the whole country, has been overwhelming. I have received over 150 emails, 250 texts, and numerous messages on our website. We are being lifted up in prayer by thousands and thousands of people. This is truly amazing, and a reminder that we serve a God of limitless power and majesty.

I continue to pray for each and every one of you. Milford is my home, and my family, and I feel your sorrow at the loss of your church. As each day passes, the grief we all felt on Sunday night is slowly but surely being replaced by hope, and confidence that we will not only survive, but grow stronger through this trial.

Blessings in abundance,
Pastor Sylvia