Weekly Update – March 23

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Friends and family,

This week has been another busy time for an increasing number of the congregation, as we gather the momentum necessary to move forward after the fire. The Board of Trustees have now met twice, together with District Superintendent Everett Bassett.

This coming Sunday, March 25th, following our Sunday morning service at 10 45am, there is to be a Congregational Meeting to which you are all invited. This is also an opportunity for anyone in the Milford community, or anyone who would like to be part of our journey forward, to attend, ask questions, make suggestions, and keep up to date on our current situation.

By Sunday, we will have met with the structural engineer assigned by the insurance company, to our claim. We have requested to sit down as soon as possible with someone from the claims department of the insurance company, and expect to do so early next week. It has been a slow process, but we are gathering momentum, praise the Lord!

Last Sunday morning, we were blessed with over 200 people attending our service, and a total of four congregations represented. I feel so strongly in my heart, that from the pain of this event, are going to come enormous blessings, including the strengthening of ecumenical spirit in our area.

We also are going to have the opportunity to consider, prayerfully, what the needs are in our community, and how best we can serve families, with our new facility. I will be gathering, at the suggestion of the District Superintendent, a Milford Church Task Force, that will work together to focus in on our needs, our hopes… our vision for the congregation, and the part it is to play in Milford and the surrounding area.

The Milford Food Pantry has been relocated to the American Legion Building, on W. Main Street. This will continue to operate every Saturday morning, 9 30am to 11 30 am.

The Milford UMC Relief Fund is now in operation, and donations would be most gratefully received. Our postal address is PO Box 127, Milford NY 13807. If you know anyone who has expressed interest in supporting the church, please pass on this information to them.

I know there are many anxious people out there, myself included, who are hoping and praying that our stained glass windows can be saved. Another part of the front wall did fall down during high winds two nights ago, but we must continue to pray for their rescue and restoration. We have a team of volunteers who are gathering references, estimates, and information, so that as soon as we have the go ahead to remove them, we will do so, speedily and expeditiously.

We are so blessed in our congregation, and with all our new friends in upstate New York, and all parts of our beautiful country. Each day I receive new offers of assistance, new contacts made with other congregations and individuals who are praying for us.

Thank you so much to everyone who has hugged me, and prayed with me, and who inspires me to be the best minister I can be to you all. My Milford family. Dearly loved by the Lord, and by your very own English transplant.

Pastor Sylvia