Weekly Update – March 30

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Greetings to our friends and family,

It has been another busy week here in Milford. My mailbox has been filled to overflowing on several days, with cards from congregations, individuals, donations for the Milford UMC Relief Fund, and the Food Pantry. I was talking this morning to a gentleman who was donating to the Relief Fund, who was married in the church 70 years ago in May. Yesterday, I was talking to a lady whose two brothers-in-law were buried in our cemetery…. and we had the offer of a marble baptismal font from the Lutheran church in Hartwick, should our own be too damaged for further use; what in England my church organist father used to refer to the mainstays of the church…. hatches, matches, and dispatches!

Milford Church has been at the center of so many important family occasions. The memories we all have will never fade, and the photographs we have shared confirm just how beloved our building was. A true sanctuary to so many.

We met with the structural engineer from the insurance company on Tuesday, and given the present condition of the roof, no further incursions inside are permitted. The roof could fall in at any moment. We continue to investigate ways of removing our precious stained glass windows from the outside.

This coming Sunday, 2nd April, following the service, there is to be an Ad. Board meeting, when the team members of our Task Force, are to be introduced. It is this group that will lead us forwards, through the process of designing and refining our vision for the new building.

This Sunday also, our children will be opening our service with a song. We are starting a Children’s Choir, and hope this is the first of many songs we will hear from them. If you know of any children who might be interested in joining, we will be rehearsing on Saturday morning, 11am at the Parsonage.

Sunday is also Communion Sunday, and all are invited to partake of the Lord’s Supper with us.

A Liaison Committee will be meeting with the Milford Historical Society next week, to ensure a strong relationship with the Society, who have kindly offered us a temporary home. If you would like to serve on this Committee, please contact Pastor Sylvia.

Blessings in abundance,
I look forward to seeing all your smiling faces on Sunday morning!

Pastor Sylvia